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List your home on the local MLS to ACCESS thousands of licensed BUYER AGENTS through Realmart platform. Empower yourself to sell your home through our streamlined online system. You can easily key in your home information, we will create a local MLS listing and push it across the online real estate marketplace including Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Homes.com and hundreds of other realty web sites.
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Team up with Realmart to list your home on the MLS, you have outsmarted a listing agent who would otherwise cost you 5-6% commission. Realmart will leverage the thousands of local buyers agents to sell your home. It allows you to take control of your own listing and save 50%-99% over a traditional local listing broker. Together, we are redefining the home-selling experience for the better. Read Sellers' FAQ for complete details.
Read Sellers' Guide for detail listing steps.


If you can surf the Internet, drive a car, you can EARN up to a 2% rebate at the closing of your next home purchase through Realmart. As buyer’s agent, we keep as little as 1% of commission for our buyer representation, and give the rest back to you. All MLS listings qualify for this reward when you choose to work with us. Read Buyers' FAQ for complete details.

$395 Flat Fee MLS Listing Plan (Access 1000+ Local Buyer Agents)

1% Full Agency Advantage ($695 Marketing Deposit, Refund Upon Sale)

  • Six (6) months listing with extensions available
  • List on local MLS with six (6) photos; upgrade to 25+ photos when needed
  • List on Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com, Homes.com etc major web sites
  • Syndicate to hundreds of sites including all local realty sites such as Remax.com, KellerWilliams.com etc.
  • Unlimited online change requests with full e-mail and phone support
  • All buyers or buyer agents can contact seller through our web site
  • Provide realtor "For Sale" sign to avoid negative impression of "For Sale By Owner"
  • Many options include: professional photos, realtor digital lock-boxes, comparative analysis, web traffic reports etc.
  • Pay ZERO commission to listing agent
  • Pay 2.5% commission to a buyer agent, same rate as other homes on the MLS
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee(see details)
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  • Listing until sold with a $695 refundable marketing deposit
  • Personal consultation and coaching with pricing, staging, showing agent feedback, web traffic reporting
  • Professional photography with virtual tours
  • Professional "FOR SALE" sign post installation (where zoning allows)
  • Realtor digital Lock-box for easy showing and reporting
  • Unlimited seller-hosted open houses, agent-hosted open houses upon advance request and availability
  • 100% Relief from anxiety with a dedicated agent guidance from contract negotiation, attorney review, inspection issues until closing
  • Pay 1% or $3695 (whichever is higher) to listing agent with $695 refund
  • Pay 2% commission to a buyer agent, slightly lower rate than other homes on the MLS
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee(see details)
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Sell Smart at Realmart


Realmart is the leading online Seller Portal that allows smart sellers like yourself to decide your own commission cost while equips with all services needed to sell a home. It is much more advanced than For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Realmart's process differentiates from FSBO in the many ways:

  • FSBO has ZERO MLS exposure, losing out 90% of sale possibilities
  • FSBO attracts bargain-hunters only while pushes away buyer agents who fear of losing their buyer clients
  • FSBO Sellers are bombarded by listing agents’ solicitation calls. After listed by Realmart in the MLS, it is ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL for any other listing agents to call the home owners
  • Realmart flat fee MLS service provides full access to all the local buyer agents, and also gives many optional services to empower you to sell faster
  • Realmart 1% full-agency service matches EVERYTHING a local listing broker can provide. It minimizes the painful and time consuming experience for you

Buy Smart at Realmart


Realmart is the leading E-Broker that specializes in assisting smart and savvy buyers. The secret is – smart buyers like you can EARN money to buy a home, a rebate for up to 2% of purchasing price. You will enjoy driving around and checking out houses at your own pace without any pressure. Realmart’s agents are at your fingertips when you need help to:

  • DRAFT an offer
  • NEGOTIATE on prices and terms
  • ENTER into final contract
  • OBTAIN mortgage financing
  • CONDUCT home inspection
  • CLOSE on your dream home
  • WITH FULL control over all decisions along the entire process
  • DISCLAIMER: Please consult accountant on tax liability of buyer commission rebate
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Work Smart at Realmart


Realmart is becoming a realtors’ Mecca because we reward your hard work with 100% of your hard-earned commission. Our technology platform enables realtors to receive and capture more leads to dominate your local market. We provide 100% paperless transaction management system to make your work as easy as possible.

  • Keep 100% of all your commissions at $100/Month
  • $700 transaction fee per closed SALE (Reduced to $350 when use our partner Title Agency)
  • $200 transaction fee per closed RENTAL
  • No franchise fee, no sales quota, no mandatory floor time
  • Build a sales team by sponsoring junior agents, earn a 30% split of their commission
  • See Complete Details at JoinRealmart.com
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